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Parkway Driving School Massachusetts RMV Road Tests

Parkway Driving School now offers road tests at their Walpole MA Location

Getting your road test requirement out of the way can be a stressful event, but it doesn’t have to be. With our convenient road test dates and online scheduler, you can easily be on the road.

We offer the following options:

Road Test Only


We’ll take care of everything for you, except the Road Test by:

  • Scheduling an appointment on a date convenient for you.
  • Having our trained sponsor meet you on-site.
  • Providing a easily maneuverable Road Test ready Kia Soul

Road Test w/ One Lesson


You will have all the benefits of the Road Test Only package as well as increasing your chances of passing with a 45-minute private lesson with Parkway Driving School

This lesson will cover:

  • Taking a simulated road test.
  • Going over common road test scenarios.
  • Using the vehicle you’ll be using for the Road Test.

(All prices do not include RMV fees, which are separate. $50 – License Fee, $35 – Road Test Fee )

Not a Parkway Driving School student? Not a problem. Pricing and registration remain the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our road testing process

We submit applicants to the Registry of Motor Vehicles for approval two weeks prior to a road test. When a date and time are confirmed we will send you an email or text. The RMV does not allow cancellations for weekend road tests. Exact date and time will be confirmed by email or text one week before the test.

If you have any questions about our services that you wish to have answered, contact us by clicking the button below.

Q: What do I need to bring with me the day of the road test?

A: You will need to bring a completed application and your permit with you on the day of the road test. If you are under the age of 18, your application must be signed by your parent/guardian. Use the link below to print out your application.

Q: Can anyone schedule a road test with Parkway Driving School?

A: Yes. You do not need to be a Parkway Driving School student to schedule a road test with us. We do require one lesson before the road test if you are not a Parkway Driving School student.

Q: What is your payment and cancellation policy?

A: Payment Policy: Parkway Driving School needs to be paid at least two weeks prior to the scheduled road test. Cancellation Policy: Weekend RMV road tests are a special arrangement with RMV, and Parkway Auto School is unable to offer any cancellations.

Q: What are the RMV fees?

A: The RMV charges $50 for your driver’s license and $35 for the appointment fee. You will have to pay this fee whether you go with us on the weekend or go during the week on your own. You can pay by phone by calling 857-368-8000 and follow the voice prompts to pre-pay your license fees.

  • Use hand signals
  • Start the engine
  • Start and stop the vehicle
  • Parallel Park
  • Back the vehicle approximately 50 feet
  • Make left-right turns
  • Start, stop and turn the vehicle on a hill
  • Turn around between curbs (three-point turn)
  • Enter and leave an intersection
  • Recognize and obey traffic signs, lights and signals, and other rules of the road
  • Use good driving sense

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